Since our inception we have deployed our solutions at over 200 manufacturing plants, in 20 countries collaborating with over 8500 suppliers. Our customers are transacting over $3 billion in annual spend on their purchase parts. Find out more about our supply chain solutions in our case studies.


The Case for Cloud-based Supply Chain Management Today

In the supply chain space, the “fear of the cloud” present just a few years ago is gone. In its place are data-hungry supply chain leaders who insist on 24/7 access to real-time information. This whitepaper shows how to use the cloud to enable pull-based processes across extended enterprise value chains.
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Inside the Four Walls of the Factory –
Why Conventional ERP and MRP Systems Fall Short

This whitepaper discusses the MRP systems as they was originally designed, the problems with using MRP for managing actual factory scheduling and operations, and the powerful factory management system solution.
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Beyond Four Walls – Lean’s Next Frontier

This whitepaper discusses the next frontier in lean manufacturing – How to successfully collaborate beyond the four walls of your business. Most senior executives would agree that supply chain processes outside their business do substantially contribute to excess inventory and part shortages. However it is not clear to them as to which methodologies can lead to the supply chain improvements. This paper identifies the potential roadblocks and highlights how to overcome these barriers.
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Cloud Strategy for Improving Legacy MRP and Supply Chain Processes

This whitepaper describes how cloud-based Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions are creating a paradigm-shift in supply chain thinking. It shows how new web-based planning, collaboration and execution tools can drive dramatic and rapid changes in decades old MRP and ERP forecast execution processes and systems, while simultaneously enabling pull across extended enterprise value chains.
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How to Right-Size the Inventory

This whitepaper shows how using a unique supply-chain-loop-based architecture, manufacturing companies can establish real-time collaboration with customers and suppliers. This collaboration allows manufacturers to carry the right mix of inventory at the distribution center, shorten the lead time to customers and improve service levels through elimination of part shortages. Learn how consumption-driven replenishment model established a true pull process across the value chain.
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Datasheet: Electronic Kanban – Ultriva vs. ERP eKanban Modules

Several ERP vendors offer rudimentary Kanban modules to compliment their MRP systems. However, these Kanban modules fall short in several areas, primarily because they work against the core functionality of MRP software. This datasheet compares Ultriva’s eKanban against typical Kanban modules offered by ERP vendors.
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The Lean Supply Chain –
Electronic Kanban and Collaborative Supply Portals

Lean manufacturing has become the de facto best practice across most manufacturing companies. Companies that have embraced lean principles have reduced their lead-times, improved quality, lowered inventory and engaged their employees. An important element of many companies’ lean initiative has been the implementation of pull-based material replenishment systems, often referred to as Kanban.
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Are You Planning to Fail?

The problem with managing demand and supply variability in the supply chain stems from the inability of traditional planning systems to solve the bullwhip effect,a problem demonstrated by Prof. Jay Forrester in his 1957 computer simulation and subsequent HBR Article on Industrial Dynamics. New breakthroughs based on Lean principles and systematized with Web-based applications enable companies to create demand responsive supply networks to increase customer service, liberate working capital through significant inventory reductions, manage suppliers, and improve Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) from their operations.
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When Push Comes to Pull: It's Kanban

Thought leader, Founder, and CEO of Ultriva discusses the benefits of Kanban replenishment over traditional MRP forecast:

"Actual consumption rather than forecasts drive the kanban pull system of replenishment. Implementing it may bring manufacturers closer to their distributors." 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to improve visibility and collaboration in your global supply chain
  • Learn what Kanban is and how it can eliminate stockouts and reduce inventory 20-75% among other benefits
  • Learn about the differences between traditional MRP (push) replenishment and Kanban (pull) replenishment
  • Learn how eKanban is more scalable and sustains gains better than traditional manual kanban processes, especially in multi-tier supply networks as number of tiers goes up

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