Analyzing the health and activity of participants and processes across an entire supply chain is a requirement for any competitive manufacturer. It requires the ability to monitor all participants that touch a transaction anywhere along that supply chain, including parts providers, materials providers, distributors, retailers, and any other relevant participants.


The Shortcomings of ERP

End-to-end visibility at this level is not provided by ERP systems. Communication across a supply chain entails data entry into multiple screens, data extracts to Excel, manual analysis, and data manipulation. Such complex and time-consuming execution processes are not capabilities of current in-house systems. Adding such functionality, even in the form of a simple new report, to an ERP system is often prohibitive and subject to the availability of IT resources.



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Collaboration Beyond the Four Walls of the Factory

Ultriva Lean Suite takes full advantage of the capabilities of cloud-based architecture and extends ERP to suppliers, distributors, and customers. With Lean Suite manufacturers can now integrate with customers and suppliers in real-time, moving visibility into shop-floor execution, inventory status, and delivery issues to the next level.


The Benefits of End-to-End Supply-Chain Visibility

A manufacturer equipped with Ultriva Lean Suite looks beyond the four walls of its manufacturing plants, removing any mystery about their broader supply chain. This enhanced level of visibility delivers significant benefits, including the ability to:

  • Identify and analyze the weakest links in a supply chain
  • Identify exceptions and apply escalation protocols before those exceptions become emergencies
  • Avoid making rushed decisions when inconsistencies or other problems surface abruptly
  • Identify which partners are undertaking critical activities in a global supply chain

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Key Features

Building Supply-Chain Trust

The ERP-extension capabilities of Ultriva Lean Suite enable customers and suppliers to share information and collaborate securely. Supply-chain trust is built through Lean Suite’s ability to:

  • Synchronize supply and share build plans
  • Provide support and coordination for key activities across the supply chain such as freight forwarding and shifting activities between multiple offshore factories
  • Share immediate, joint understanding of contingency plans when exceptions or emergencies occur
  • Broadcast changes based upon pre-set alerts, equipping manufacturers to practice real-time supply-chain management


Relationship to Kanban

Kanban usually exists only within a company’s four walls. Ultriva’s cloud-based architecture enables manufacturers to extend Kanban beyond the four walls and integrate with their suppliers in real-time. This generates signals to suppliers that can trigger real-time collaboration and lead to up-to-the-minute changes in orders, shipments, and shop-floor execution.










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