Ultriva Provides Software for Lean Manufacturing

Ultriva solutions are helping manage the supply chains and improve the inventory velocity of leading industrial manufacturing, automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, aerospace and logistics firms. Ultriva’s 98% customer retention rate over the last decade and year-over-year growth has propelled it into 200 customer plants and more than 9,000 suppliers, in over 20 countries worldwide. Ultriva’s cloud-based supply chain solutions are being used to transact over $3 billion of material spend on an annual basis and have contributed to over $500 million in inventory savings for its customers.



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Proven Success

Ultriva’s supply chain solutions have proven success at over 200 plants worldwide, allowing companies to actively collaborate with Customers, Manufacturing and Suppliers. Switch to a Demand Driven Manufacturing Model with Ultriva.

"The analysts can actually take a look at the data that comes from Ultriva and continually improve upon our inventory levels to date, instead of just waiting on the forecast, ordering parts we don’t need."  

-Manufacturing Customer

"With Ultriva, we based everything on consumption, and now we are only ordering what we use, what we consume."

-Industrial Automation Customer


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