Establish New Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Achieving world-class customer service, a critical competitive objective of all manufacturing organizations, depends directly upon world-class supply chain management.
Achieving levels of customer satisfaction that exceed expectations means ensuring that priority customers consistently get the right products at the right times. Ultriva helps your organizations achieve this goal while creating an important differentiation from the competition. As a result, Ultriva clients are best able to:

  • Fulfill customer demand consistently by maintaining optimal inventory levels
  • Provide the fastest possible fulfillment of customer orders
  • Enjoy 100% supply chain visibility required to track inbound and outbound orders throughout the life cycle
  • Eliminate shipment errors that can occur in the face demand of changing order flows

Highest-priority customers develop a strong feeling of trust in your organization due to Ultriva’s strengths in customer segmentation by geography, sales history, product requirements, and specific customer demands.



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Make Great Supply Chain Decisions

Every day limited product supply must be allocated to individual customer orders. Critical supply-chain decisions traditionally have been made on the fly, reactively, causing problems both internally and for the customer. Ultriva moves operational decision-making to a higher process improvement level by delivering real-time data about core product and delivery issues across the entire supply chain.

This multi-enterprise data provides Ultriva users with world-class decision support capabilities by simulating a range of scenarios. These scenarios involve whatever dimensions are vital to the business operation, such as customer segments, timing, channels, trends and revenue opportunities. Great supply chain decisions, including customer shipment decisions, are now based upon established fulfillment rules.

Whitepaper: How to Right-Size the Inventory 




The Proactive Ultriva Supply Chain

Frequently the supply and demand fall out of sync; manufacturers must be able to handle the resulting transaction and shipment exceptions utilizing a proactive supply chain.
When such exceptions occur, manufacturers and corresponding supply chain participants must make rapid and informed decisions to resolve the problem. The faster those data are communicated to all affected supply-chain participants, the more operationally and financially effective the collaborative solution.
Ultriva-based proactive supply chains integrate operating procedures, such as alternative plans relative to destination paths, priority customers, timing and other key variables. This proactive approach enables all supply chain participants to:

  • Be notified via alerts of any occurrence falling outside pre-established parameters
  • Access a central database of information
  • Quickly understand exception-based protocols
  • Avoid making counter-productive decisions based on insufficient data

The Ultriva–equipped proactive supply chain enables immediate responses to sudden changes in supply and demand shifts, avoiding serious problems which impact the company and the customer.


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