Ultriva Lean Suite is a single source for supply-chain communication, providing a basis for multi-enterprise, multi-tier, end-to-end supply chain collaboration.

Lean Suite consists of a family of cloud-based applications that handle demand, manufacturing operations, and supply chain analytics. Lean Suite applications can be deployed individually or as a fully integrated solution that provides End to End supply chain visibility, collaboration, and execution tools.

The Ultriva Lean Suite is primarily made up of four modules: Collaborative Supply Portal, Lean Factory Management, Collaborative Demand Portal, and the Inventory Optimization Tool.

Ultriva Lean Suite Solution Overview

Lean Suite addresses head-on the complex set of challenges faced by organizations committed to achieving:

  • Seamless migration to pull-based replenishment
  • 100% visibility up and down the supply chain
  • Complete supply-chain communication and collaboration
  • Actionable business intelligence for all aspects of supply chain operations
  • Significant reductions in raw material, WIP and FG inventory
  • Increased operational ease and productivity Sizeable reductions to inventory carrying costs

Delivery and Pricing

Delivery Lean Suite’s primary form of delivery is Software as a Service (SaaS). On-premise deployment is available when desired by customer. Lean Suite runs in any browser, including mobile devices. Lean Suite is made available on a subscription basis with multiple subscription options appropriate for the user base size or a plant size. Licensing plus maintenance options are available for companies preferring a software pricing model.

Operational Benefits

  • Reductions in stock-outs and expensive expediting costs
  • Actionable business intelligence on all aspects of supply chain operations
  • Increased forecast accuracy Significant and sustainable reductions in raw material, WIP and FG inventory

Financial Benefits

  • Higher order fulfillment rates and improved customer service levels
  • Inventory savings of 20% – 50% of value
  • Freight charge reductions from 3.5% to 5% of volume
  • Visibility into the cost and impacts of decisions

Collaborative Supply Portal

Collaborate Between Buyers, Suppliers, and Plants

Ultriva Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP) provides an easy-to-use platform for suppliers to access demand signals, acknowledge receipt of orders, and shipment of goods. CSP allows for real-time visibility with all trading partners.


Supply Portal
Lean Factory Management

Lean Factory Management

Execute Lean Improvements Across the Production Floor One Cell at a Time 

Ultriva Lean Factory Management (LFM) aligns production resources away from inaccurate forecasts and toward customer demand and capacity optimization. LFM provides a streamlined way to replenish materials to the line, schedule production, and optimize the sequence. Providing these metrics enables lean improvements across the production floor one cell at a time.


Collaborative Demand Portal

Aligning Fulfillment Processes with Consumption Pattern

Ultriva Collaborative Demand Portal helps manage finished goods inventory in a dynamic, efficient, and real-time environment keeping pace with market demand. The Demand Driven Distribution establishes control of inventory flow between customers, dealers, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.



Inventory Optimization Tool

Identify Opportunities to Cut Inventory Expense

Ultriva Inventory Optimization Tool (IOT) uncovers opportunities to reduce inventory and identify parts for transition Kanban replenishment. IOT simulates the effect of changes in supplier lead time, lot size, and safety stock.



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