Lean Factory Management


With Ultriva's Lean Factory Management, you can align your production resources toward customer demand, versus inaccurate forecasts and capacity optimization. LFM provides a streamlined way to replenish materials to the line, schedule the production, optimize the sequence and provide OEE metrics. It allows lean improvements across the production floor one cell at a time.

LFM Features:

Promotes Lean Production with in shop floor through internal pull and optimized job sequencing.
  • Clear view of weekly or monthly production
  • Highlights over/under capacity
  • Supervisor gets the schedule dashboard at individual cell level

Set up multiple material flow loops using work centers for consuming lines (Final Assembly) to Producing lines (Sub Assembly) to Storage locations (supermarkets).
  • Physical material flow can be mimicked by mapping upstream from downstream WCs
  • Production loops can be set up through replenishment triggers
  • Ability to have varying lot size for each loop
  • Supermarkets can get consolidated demands from downstream lines

Set up Operations at producing lines.
  • Machine and Operations parameters like Cycle time, Set Up time can be defined
  • Routings for the Items can be defined
  • Items are automatically moved to next operation
  • Operators tasks are tracked and traced

Supervisor View:
  • A single supervisor can monitor multiple cell production schedules from his desk
  • Supervisor can manage schedules based on resource availability or customer demands
  • Supervisor can change production sequence with in a day or shift to minimize set up or optimize production

Operator View:
  • Operators can login and begin their jobs immediately
  • Jobs for the operators can be grouped by product family, attributes, customer or any custom parameter
  • Jobs can be grouped for multiple buckets in a day The bucket interval could be by shift or shorter (4 hours for example)
  • Operator can close partial or complete production
  • Jobs can be carried forward across shift seamlessly
  • Operators can put jobs on hold for any valid reason and supervisor will get visibility to that job (it turns yellow)

Ultriva supports computation of OEE metrics:
  • OEE Dashboard shows real time performance by machines
  • Operator efficiency and work hours can be computed automatically
  • Quality and machine availability is also computed in real time
  • Units completed vs. planned is shown