The Requirement

A key determinant of a manufacturer’s financial health is its ability to maintain optimal inventory levels. This requires maintaining the inventory of finished goods and materials needed to keep customers happy—while at the same time minimizing the expense of purchasing and carrying that inventory.


The Challenge

This seems like a simple enough proposition. The reality faced by manufacturers tasked with juggling resources, costs, customer satisfaction objectives, profitability and capital preservation goals is anything but simple, however.
Specifically, how does a manufacturer achieve required service levels and minimize inventory costs in an environment in which:

  • Customers create ever-higher levels of demand uncertainty
  • Product life cycles are constantly shrinking
  • Global economic conditions are highly volatile
  • Operations professionals are responsible for managing inventories of exploding numbers of finished goods SKUs

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A Major Deficiency of Existing Solutions

To compound these challenges, current supply chain systems are unable to deliver true visibility and collaboration between manufacturers and their supply partners. This deficiency results in poor inventory management, which in turn causes supplier whiplashing, poor delivery performance and lost revenue.


How Ultriva Helps

Controlling upward pressure on inventory at all points along the supply chain has become a daunting task. Ultriva addresses this challenge by delivering parts and finished goods traceability from beginning to end of the manufacturing process. This traceability, when combined with seamless supply-partner communication via Ultriva’s SaaS architecture, can lead your organization to a 25-30% reduction in inventory expense.


Ultriva's Customer-Centric Inventory Management

Ultriva helps manufacturers to determine optimal inventory levels and to recalculate replenishment trigger points as demand varies over time. By taking a customer-centric approach to daily operations, Ultriva-equipped manufacturers build only what is needed to replenish what customers have ordered. This new approach lets manufacturers deliver the products customers want, on time and in the right quantities.

Whitepaper: How to Right-Size the Inventory 



To eliminate waste, inventory must be both right and the right-size.



Be Strategic and Smart About Inventory

The combination of Ultriva’s powerful analytical tools and the multi-enterprise visibility provided by the system helps you to develop, compare and rank multiple inventory strategies. Ultriva thus provides the strategic support required to identify and implement optimal inventory tactics, not only for your organization, but also for your entire extended supply chain.


Overall Benefits

Equipped with Ultriva’s visibility and analytical capabilities, you can now make smarter decisions relative to critical inventory policies such as how to align safety stock and possible business contingencies. Other benefits of Ultriva’s inventory optimization solutions include:

  • 25-30% reductions in overall inventory expense
  • Reduced levels of capital invested in safety stocks
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Reduced levels of obsolete goods and materials
  • Improved customer service

By optimizing inventory levels of finished goods and materials at each point along a multi-enterprise supply chain, Ultriva supports inventory-related decision-making that maximize positive impacts on profitability, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.








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