A hallmark of Ultriva’s Lean Suite is its provision of End to End Supply Chain Visibility to manufacturers and the companies participating up and down the supply chains. By providing visibility into an unlimited number of replenishment Kanban loops, Lean Suite represents a foundational element for achieving End to End Visibility in any supply chain. 

Electronic Kanban (eKanban)


Addressing the Challenges of Paper Kanban

Today’s global, 24/7, fast-paced manufacturing environment, with suppliers and customers located on every continent, has rendered the manual Kanban card system obsolete. Demonstrating agility in this new environment is central to achieving success in the rapidly evolving supply chain.



Multi-tier Replenishment Loops


A Series of Interconnected Loops

Ultriva customers’ entire supply chain is constructed as a series of interconnected loops, which can be internal or external. Kanban loops are the vehicles that signal the need for inventory replenishment and an important tool in ensuring production lines are optimally stocked with necessary parts and components.



End to End Pull


Discover the Benefits of End to End Pull

End-to-End (E2E) Pull represents a shift away from the focus on improving forecasts and algorithms. In a manufacturing pull system, resource flows are controlled based upon customer demand, rather than forecasting. 



100% Visibility

The Need for 100% Supply Chain Visibility 


Manufacturers need to know what is received from suppliers. They must be able to track such shipments through the entire set of processes, from billing through customer shipment, including order location, the status of a customer’s order, acceptance, and plan for ultimate shipment. This level of total visibility requires access to real-time replenishment data across a manufacturer’s entire supply chain.



Quality Management System (QMS)


How Does the QMS Fit into the Ultriva Solution?

Ultriva offers a collaborative portal to manage your global supply chain. Ultriva’s QMS module fills a gap that allows manufacturers to integrate the nonconformity process as an integral part of supply chain management. This module is best suited to industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, pharmaceutical, life sciences or any other manufacturing operation implementing a corporate quality system or needs to achieve regulatory compliance.




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