The Need for 100% Supply Chain Visibility

Companies committed to implementing optimal operational processes are rapidly adopting the principles of demand-driven manufacturing. The drivers behind this movement include cutting costs, lowering risks, reducing cycle times, and increasing the ability to adjust quickly when circumstances dictate.

Achieving these goals requires visibility—the ability to see what is taking place from one end of the supply chain to the other. This visibility must cover all key nodes in the supply chain, including third parties such as suppliers, distributors, and retailers (in addition to all key internal supply-chain participants.)

In short, manufacturers need to know what is received from suppliers. They must be able to track such shipments through the entire set of processes, from billing through customer shipment, including order location, the status of a customer’s order, acceptance, and plan for ultimate shipment.

This level of total visibility requires access to real-time replenishment data across a manufacturer’s entire supply chain; this heightened level of visibility is known as End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility (E2ESCV).



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Ultriva Lean Suite is the Key to End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain VisibilityA hallmark of Ultriva’s Lean Suite is its provision of E2ESCV to manufacturers and the companies participating up and down the supply chains. Without solutions that deliver the E2ESCV-based insights provided by Lean Suite, achieving multi-enterprise collaboration in a demand-driven environment is an impossible goal.

By providing visibility into an unlimited number of replenishment loops, Lean Suite represents a foundational element for achieving E2ESCV in any supply chain. Lean Suite successfully addresses the supply-chain visibility challenges faced by manufacturers moving to a demand-based planning and production model.


Lean Suite Capabilities

Managers using Lean Suite E2ESCV capabilities get browser-based access to:  

  • A single, coherent view across all the nodes in a global supply chain
  • Multiple perspectives on supply chain data, allowing for unified analysis of multi-tier processes
  • An end-to-end view of processes occurring within the organization itself, across all the organization’s functional silos, and within the entire supply chain, including suppliers, distributors, and customers.
  • Near real-time access to data regarding the achievement or non-achievement of milestones
  • Early alerts about supply-chain issues and problems.

The Ultriva Lean Suite is primarily made up of four modules: Collaborative Supply Portal, Lean Factory Management, Collaborative Demand Portal, and the Inventory Optimization Tool.

Whitepaper: The Lean Supply Chain 


Lean Supply Chain

Featuring Electronic Kanban and the Collaborative Supply Portal.

An important element of many companies’ lean initiative has been the implementation of pull-based material replenishment systems, often referred to as Kanban.



Everyone wants to reduce inventory costs 

Easier said than done. See more in our blog post: "Reducing Supply Chain Costs Starts With Supply Chain Visibility"


The Benefits of Ultriva E2ESCV

Ultriva Lean Suite provides a foundation for multi-enterprise, multi-tier, end-to-end 100% process visibility. Adopting Lean Suite yields significant supply chain benefits.


Supply Chain Management Benefits

  • Faster insight into and resolution of issues, leading to quicker resolution and less disruption
  • Milestone monitoring
  • Identification of supply-chain bottlenecks
  • Providing business partners with higher service levels and greater opportunity to collaborate on issues and opportunities
  • Availability of real-time order, inventory and shipment information anyplace along the supply chain


Supply Chain Modeling Benefits

  • Ability to render previously discrete and siloed processes cross-functional and collaborative
  • Availability of data to adjust supply-chain plans when necessary
  • Ability to manually or dynamically adjust safety stock and safety time parameters
  • Ability to identify strong and weak supply-chain performers


Supply Chain Efficiency Benefits

  • Reduced recall costs through isolation of compromised products
  • Accelerated cycle time via fuller provision of information to business partners
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Reduced lead-time variability
  • Preservation of working capital

Lack of Visibilty
Top Pain Point:

Recently we surveyed over 500 existing Ultriva customers.


One of the top three pain points identified by our Customer survey was a lack of real-time visibility into the supply chain. Read more:





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