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Gartner Research talks about the supply chain cycle of Design, Plan, Optimize and Execute. Over the years Ultriva has seen much emphasis on Plan and Optimize, yet very little on Design and Execute.

Ultriva’s Lean Suite is a supply chain execution solution. However prior to and during implementation, Ultriva helps with the design of the supply chain.



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What Is Supply Chain Design?

Supply chain in the global sense involves different items (Finished Goods, Work-In-Process and Raw Materials), different customers (end user, OEMs, distributors and retailers) and different suppliers (large, small, local, global and internal). Added to these varieties are material replenishment methodologies (min-max, planned demand, Kanban and forecasted), manufacturing models (build to stock, build to order, engineer to order and hybrid) and inventory locations (warehouses, distribution centers, consignments, supermarkets and VMI).


What Does Supply Chain Design Do?

Supply chain design allows companies to segment their supply chain with a combination of the above stated variants such that they can find some commonality of systems and structure to the process. The primary reason of segmentation is to ensure that the process doesn’t have conflicting strategies.

Ultriva provides tools to identify the parts for this segmentation, uses simulation to identify the safety stock levels, estimates the potential inventory savings through right-sizing and establishes a streamlined material flow complementing existing ERP systems.
Are you interested in designing your supply chain? Do you want Ultriva to visit your facility at no cost to provide suggestions? If so please contact us and let us help you design a vibrant supply chain.

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