End-to-end multi-enterprise visibility cannot be achieved solely with an existing ERP system or any other single-vendor solution. MRP and ERP systems focus on processes occurring inside the four walls of a manufacturing enterprise and cannot push data about material replenishment transactions over the web in closed-loop fashion.

Suppliers, customers and other supply chain participants are thus unable to access a manufacturer’s ERP data, rendering large volumes of production and customer information useless for the purposes of real-time collaboration.



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Ultriva Supply-Chain Cloud

A True Supply-Chain Cloud

Ultriva Lean Suite solves the data access problems that have hindered true cross-supply-chain collaboration. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, Lean Suite delivers on the promise of end-to-end supply-chain visibility by:

  • Connecting all supply-chain participants electronically to a common set of data and transactional information
  • Adding a collaboration layer that delivers 100% supply-chain visibility to business applications such as ERP and MRP
  • Using a SaaS-based system architecture to provide easy application access and low deployment costs


Access to All Data by Supply-Chain Participants

By providing a single online destination across an entire supply chain to identify, monitor, and respond to critical supply-chain events, an Ultriva supply-chain cloud delivers immediate access to new information about any supply-chain participant and Identifies value streams on which to deploy demand-based manufacturing processes.

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Key Features

Ultriva supply-chain clouds provide a solid foundation for superior supply-chain management. The 100% visibility provided by Ultriva supply-chain clouds enables manufacturers to:

  • Monitor metrics on a global basis based upon reliable data
  • Identify value streams to manage using demand-based manufacturing principles
  • Avoid whiplashing suppliers
  • Eliminate supplier part shortages and expediting with proactive monitoring of inventory health


Network Effects

Ultriva supply-chain clouds deliver the network effects enjoyed by all cloud application users. All current supply chain cloud users can access the same up-to-date data. New network users also benefit immediately from that data, which includes information about all relevant history, processes, and escalation protocols.


Core benefits

New supply-chain cloud members also deliver value by attracting their supply-chain partners, adding a fresh body of value-flow data to be shared securely between partners and used for improved management of global business metrics.


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